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Typical disinfectants are toxic. But our solution isn't & it kills 99.99% of viruses.

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We got our start as a direct result of a loved one needing a safe solution after recovering from Covid 19. We understand and care about your safety, too, so we use non-toxic (to humans) products, that are 99.9% effective at disinfecting your home for kids, pets, and family.


Worried about your office, church, childcare, gym facility, or restaurant staying virus-free? We use human-safe, environmentally friendly solutions that are EPA approved and proven 99.9% effective.

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When crisis hits, we jump to action and focus on solutions to fix problems. Our team is passionate about delivering fabulous customer-care, environmentally friendly solutions for our community, and ensuring good people have opportunities to do great work for others. We are an Austin, Texas based family operated company and are here to serve our community!

Solution Details

The Vital Oxide disinfection system that Good Cleaning Solutions uses is so effective and simple. And using VitalOxide has really brought me peace of mind for our facility at Emmis Radio in Austin. I was skeptical at first but once we tried it out, I loved it, and now I'm converted.
Chuck Loesch
Facilities Manager
I'm also sensitive to harsh chemicals, so when Corona Virus hit and bleach was making me ill, I wanted a better option, and thankfully I found it. So much so I knew cleaning with VitalOxide and offering this service would be well loved and appreciated, too. So our family started Good Cleaning Solutions to help other Austin families and businesses.
Mom & Investor
The lockdown made it hard for me to find a simple summer job. Good Cleaning Solutions has given me an opportunity to not just make and save money for college, but actually learn some incredible business skills that let me do good work now and get an edge for my future career in business.
Guy Phelps
Team Leader & Student

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